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ICELANDER... the Exceptional

All-climate, Year-round, Light Truck ICE TIRE


Due to the dramatic difference in traction between Green Diamond Tires and ordinary tires, Green Diamond Tires must be installed on all four wheel positions of all-wheel drive and front-wheel drive vehicles.

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GDT Icelander A/T        GDT Icelander C/T       GDT Icelander M/T



DESCRIPTION            SIZE  /         Load Rating PRICE EA
ICELANDER A/T       Waiting List LT31x10.50R15 - C
ICELANDER A/T       Waiting List P245/70R16
ICELANDER A/T       Waiting List LT265/70R17 - E
ICELANDER A/T       Waiting List   LT245/75R16 - C
ICELANDER A/T          Sold-out     LT245/75R16 - E
ICELANDER A/T          Sold-out     LT265/75R16 - C
ICELANDER A/T       Waiting List   LT265/75R16 - E
ICELANDER C/T Production Delayed   LT215/85R16 - E
ICELANDER C/T Production Delayed LT225/75R16 - E
ICELANDER C/T Production Delayed LT235/85R16 - E
ICELANDER C/T Production Delayed LT245/75R16 - E
ICELANDER C/T Production Delayed LT265/75R16 - E
ICELANDER M/T       Waiting List LT31x10.50R15 - C
ICELANDER M/T       Waiting List LT265/75R16 - E
ICELANDER M/T       Waiting List LT265/70R17 - E

An important word about Wait Listed GDTs... These are high demand GDT sizes and most firm, paid orders are fulfilled within 2 - 3 weeks of placement.

Any anticipated delay beyond this period and we will be in contact with you for your preference or refund of your money.


If your required tire size is not listed here then, please contact me at:

 866.380.0009 (toll-free)  -or-  Rich@GreenDIamondTire.com

Most vehicles will accommodate a range of tire sizes within a +/- 3% variance.

I will be pleased to assist you in determining an appropriate alternative selection.